FlyCut Touch for Mac – FlyCut is an open source Mac clipboard manager that goes back many years. I branched this project, and I hooked it up to a piece of code that modifies the buttons on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. There was no program in existence to allow me to put all of the items in my list of clipboard manager items on to my Touch Bar. I made this and it worked perfectly and increased my development speed twice as fast in some situations. All of my different code pieces now show up in my Touch Bar.

Every time you copy something in the macOS system clipboard, your pasteboard history is available directly in in the system-wide touch bar for quick pasting.

Flycut Touch is an extension/branch upon Flycut, which is a clean and simple clipboard manager for developers. Flycut is based on an open source app called Jumpcut.

I made this project open source because I made it from an open source project:

This works on macOS 10.13 and above, but is compiled to also work on older versions. Also, this project uses a rare framework that no longer exists anywhere on the internet. That framework is still supported on Intel Macs but not on the new M series Arm Macs. This app only will ever work for Intel Macs unless the non-existent dependency appears again.

I made this app available for free. This app is not available on the Mac App Store. It does not have macOS Sandbox or Developer ID enabled, so you will have to right-click open this app because it is unsigned.

Download Flycut Touch for macOS (614KB)