I have developed tons of software projects. I have only published some of my/client projects online. I have a great many of unfinished works in addition to things I have considered complete enough to publish. Not all works I have developed or contributed to are listed on my current or historical websites.

I wrote and compiled my first C program at 8 years old on Mac OS X 10.3, GCC/Terminal, iMac G3. I did not know algebra existed, even though I knew some C code. This held me back until I was 14 when I had a breakthrough and made my first iOS game in 2 weeks, called Sky Muffins.

Take a look at my historical websites here:

chrisgalz.com in 2011 – by this year, I had already written multiple iOS apps. On this archive page, you can see the full business I was running at 14 years old, ranging from mobile development, web development, and local computer and mobile device repair and support services

chrisgalz.com in 2015 – I accidentally almost became famous this year, starting the potential growth of Playr – Make Your Own Games. It grew to almost three hundred thousand users before I ran out of both money and time, causing it to be shut down between 2017 and 2018. It did not make any money. I also made it all with no money.

chrisgalz.com in 2019 – This is my site after developing many different software projects for consulting clients. I have tons of projects listed on here, but I have tons of projects not listed online too.

tech blog I ran in 2011 – I would blog sometimes about my adventures in superuser topics

Here are some screenshots of Sky Muffins. I developed (In Obj-C/Xcode), designed (In Photoshop), and published this game at 14 years old, in 2011, without any formal training in software development/design. I also wrote the soundtrack to the game with a MIDI keyboard (In GarageBand). This app got around 14,000 downloads.

History of the Playr Logo of the Playr App and Company