Wow that’s a nice logo.

Wow, that’s a trillion dollar logo.


Will somebody finally try to purchase/invest my company on terms that aren’t 100% demonic and unfair in all dichotomy of business and technology and religion. Or am I stuck running this all alone off of my teenager money as some guy that has been alone for so long.

Did I spend every hour of my life that I used this logo on an app to develop software/hardware for Playr Inc to publish in public? No. All of the publicly published works of Playr Inc took x hours out of y total hours of my available non-sleeping hours to make. Maybe I have done other things besides Playr, but even if I pause it for 5 years, I plan to open it again to do something. If real investors invested properly without acting like experts on things that I would consider myself a superior expert on… then of course, this company could expand under my direction without me having to fulfill the tasks of every potential employee position it might require. I can also continue this company all alone for as long as technology doesn’t make 1,000 wacky new lcd shapes to design around. If I spent all of my time on Playr, I might have made it even larger than it is now currently, but I stopped working on it, and I spent years on things that do not expand as large.

I can write a million things about Playr and how this company is my personal ship that I pilot and because I didn’t become a puppet actor for a dystopian version of planet Earth, I have to fund and run all of this alone with zero dollars of investment dollars while all other software on earth has like billions of investment dollars backing it with every developer having huge beach mansion like rapper and me living in half-built office building in winter ghetto.

And no I never went on a date with a hot girl yet, and I am 27.

I said I would never go on talk show or tv for anything because I don’t want to expose myself too much, so I’m not allowed to become rich because soviet communism enforces (even in usa) that all people who are smart enough to become rich have to be constantly monitored by millions of people at once through the phenomenon of fame, reminiscent of god almighty movie with never ending email inbox with armageddon scenes. Some people handle that effect by hiring 30,000 employees. Celebrities you know are not in that situation even though they are in a similar one. I am a much poorer celebrity if I am a celebrity than the thousands any American might commonly know.

I have been collecting Sony and Apple things (that some/many? people throw away) since I was 3 because they are my favorite things. I used beige Mac OS 8 as a 3 year old.

The missing scrolls of Sony:

• make your own video games without any effort but still be totally unique and real games with 3d, then share them on a social network

• wireless surround sound home theater synchronized dolby multi channel multi angle positional balancing music theater system made out of a room of iPhone and iPad or other Mac or iOS apple devices

• a portable multimedia console entertainment center with web browsing, mouse, keyboard, music, photos, videos, gameplay in 2d and 3d vr, but wait, it works with $0.30 piece of plastic as real VR headset and makes full movie theater and spaceship headset computer from year 3000 Star Trek that fits in your pocket with a wireless game controller and other accessories

Can I put this here, or will Sony shoot me for being their missing scrolls or something because that’s how history is written? When they find the guy with missing scrolls, they kill him to ensure they cannot have a good future because, just like in the cartoons we were all programmed with, nothing good ever happens at the end and you have to give away all of your money and be poor somewhere and say, oh that’s just life, and there can never be more.

I don’t own this thing, but it looks like a cosmic Playr scroll from Japan.

Their yellow is on bottom and mine is on top. And other differences. Was that even a logo?

I didn’t become rich because people get mad that I programmed as a little kid.

And NO, that logo didn’t “feel like somebody else’s logo”

It felt in “open business space”

I write like I succeeded in some big way. I did not make any money from Playr, but I still look at the complexity and quality of my software as a big success. I think it is worth much more than it ever made. Many details of it aren’t publicly decipherable, like any other massive sized company.

Also, this is my logo now, and that probably made some people mad too.

I walk around saying I programmed as a little kid and I own this four color circle logo.

I bought this logo when I was 16, not with money but with advanced American Business Weaving. I coined that term too.

Nobody ever liked me, but all I think is… “Would you rather me lie to you? I don’t have the patience to make up such a complex lie for my origins or current happenings…”

“Chris, this is all the *regular-people, and you are a loser for looking like a billionaire and not having any money.” “Thanks everybody.”

Playr Cinema was inspired by 2015 Google Cardboard, which didn’t do anything cool, but I envisioned to turn it into a “Headset Multimedia System with Controller”

Playr Audibly was inspired by a guy who I met at WWDC ’13, Ash Bhat, who asked me if I thought if I could make two iPhones play music at the same time. I said, “that’s the coolest idea ever! did you just think of that?” I forget what his response was, but I asked him if he wanted to make it, and he said no, and I asked if he cared if I made it, and he said that he had enough money and that I was allowed to make it.

I once almost believed I was a scripted and staged character on a tv show was for a second, but I drew this logic map to explain I am a 1 in 1,000,000,000 series of cosmically or naturally lined up patterns and coincidences.

Also, children might come out similar to their ancestors.

Cosmic gravity, patterns, law of attraction…

Similar things all come together and alike with patterns that branch from root logic.

The trunk of the tree is a television store in the 1950s, while the leaves of the tree are fancy 2023 software and hardware and designs/documents/etc.

Was this all planned, staged, scripted, and a conspiracy… No. It actually just lined up like this. There was a time where if I analyzed my life plot, it might look extremely planned and strange. However patterns of human decisions, especially good decisions, might all line up so closely that it could look like it was staged by “the government” (in air quotes of course), or something.

Nobody asked me to write software. In 1999, when I was 2.5, there are legends that say I asked my dad to help me “become a Macintosh Applications Programmer.” That is astronomically impressive.

I will not say exactly when I might have said my first words because we (my family) have/has no infinitely perfect record tracking system, but my first words were, “RCA,” “JVC,” “SONY,” “MAGNAVOX,” and maybe a few others.

I hope this is the worst horror story you have ever heard.

Even scarier, my mom’s and my birthday are on the same numeric calendar date of different calendar months, but the calendar months are exactly one month apart (meaning mine is the following month from hers).

My dad’s birthday was 11/11. Is it a conspiracy? No, but that’s also statistically interesting.

Are there more strange coincidences? Maybe, but I hope these are most root in coincidental logic networks.

My grandpa bought one of first houses in McIntosh plan, but this is common street name. He also owned a TV and appliance store. My aunt, worked for Apple sales, and my dad, uncle, and aunt all had Macs in the 1980s. My dad was a Lawyer and my uncle is a public Radio Station Engineer. My aunt worked for Apple (selling first Macintosh in 1980s) because my grandpa ran a TV store from 1950s until 80s, (called Carmen’s TV and Appliances) which was very similar in 1980s. I was raised in house (on McIntosh Drive) 500ft away from grandparents because my dad liked his old neighborhood, which is still a nice neighborhood. No, my aunt did not become super rich. Nobody in my family ever had an exuberant amount of money for Apple stock.

Appliances sounds like Applications, and TV reminds me of the Computer Screen.

Yes, Playr could have made a lot of money. No, people don’t like a person who does the job of a hundred people as a kid. Was Tristin my Co-Founder, a misconception is that he was my “idea guy,” but he was actually emotional support for me simply existing as a person on Earth. I met him on Minecraft. No we are/were not lovers with each other. We are in the brotherhood of getting turned down by everyone ever when making an awesome company, which might make us look that way when we do not throw away all of our dreams for the next big Soviet Russian Permanent Occupation, such as “IT Administrator” or “Computer Repair Assistant at Best Buy”. I did all the work, but he was only person who cared to hang out with me and discuss it. And he moved away years ago and we both do work (at things that aren’t Playr) (he doesn’t touch my layers of computing, but uh, we’d drive around and have conversations and stuff), and everyone I ever met stopped discussing Playr with me because they witnessed me become confused about my titular position in spacetime and all of them vanished after that.

Some people thoroughly enjoy the stability of permanent occupation, but I am somebody who is like Sonic the Hedgehog video game character who runs very fast with theme music that repeats the word faster over and over. I am already tired, and everything here is my things.

Here’s some context about the time period right before I became world famous… Playr could have been worth a billion dollars on the day I conceived it.
Here’s how.

After I got back from WWDC ’13, and I was playing with SpriteKit, and unlike Cocos2D, which I had already published 5 games for at 14 years old, SpriteKit had a function to turn UIImage directly into a Sprite. This excited me, so I quickly made an app that made it so I took a picture of myself, and anywhere I tapped on the screen, it would make a spinning sprite of my face, and I would cover the screen in my spinning face. I showed this to somebody in high school band, and they laughed and had a good time with it for 10 seconds just like me. I knew I was on to something big. I will now go back to Tristin and I riding bikes. I was talking with him for a while about trying to make a billion dollar app idea while we rode bikes. I told him I had this big idea that I couldn’t make until I was older. My idea was to make a game-making app that users would take photos to use as sprites and record sounds to use as sound effects, and they could share any game they make on the Playr social network. I came up with the name Playr and the four color circle logo the same night of the bike ride. I even made the login screen. However, you are probably wondering why Tristin is so important and why he was on my website for 10 years after I became famous.

(me and Tristin are from Pennsylvania btw)

While riding bikes, I kept thinking about how hard the idea was, and I told him it was too hard to make. I kept saying that for some reason because I would code the entire app in my head in a way while thinking…

But I basically said, it would be too hard to make a bunch of games.
He said, “oh yeah… that makes sense…” Here is why he is such a good friend…

He texted me later that night before arranging a ride to pick him up from school, and I said don’t you think Playr could be a billion dollar idea if millions of people use it. Wouldn’t you want to use a social network where you can make your own games. He said, “Yeah, that would be awesome. That could be the best app ever made.”

He then asked why it was too hard to make this app when I had made like 10 apps at least or more already.

I said the games have too many details I am worried about, or they might not be fun enough due to the limitations of the time I had.

He said, “make mini games”

I still have the iMessage record, but there is no message record of us talking about the initial words of Playr that super initialized in my head after making FaceSpin, which I did not release because it was super simple.

(just to be super cosmic, insert mental visualization of cartoon newspaper spinning into view, facespin, the new Facebook, by Chris Galzerano, world famous a few times without ever becoming rich or explanation of who had ever seen him become famous)

For some reason, I kept envisioning all this crazy stuff like Jump3D back when I was still in high school and had almost no time at all to try to make something like Playr.

When Tristin said, “make mini games”

I envisioned an entirely new app. My whole head had that giant wave of colors flies over the whole planet Earth and everything changed at that moment when my head rendered the new vision.

I said “would you think it was still as fun if the games are tiny.”

That’s technically Tristin’s aid or involvement in Playr. He gave me some more belief in myself and helped test the app. He didn’t come up with ideas or produce anything… However, I listed him as my Co-Founder right next to me back when I became famous because investors supposedly do not invest in software companies with only one employee… However, the truth can come out now that my Co-Founder was just my tester and good friend who we have had many random chats with about random things. Specifically, I was looking at SAN FRANCISCO VENTURE CAPITAL, and all of their websites required businesses to have more than one employee. I never got any investments, but he was never technically the co-founder.

He said yes, and he was/is a super avid gamer of every PC game and more… His opinion as somebody that played a super amount more video games than me was really good for my logic of the vision.

I said, “I have good news. I can make that one. I will talk more when I pick you up for school tomorrow morning.” Some business philosophers might claim that I became a billionaire on that day.
As for the name of Playr Inc and the four color, four circle, Playr logo…

I started development on Playr soon after my head had clicked, within the next night or so. I came up with the name of the app first… I thought what should I name my game maker with different game templates and the swapping or creation of images and sounds… I thought of all the recent SAN FRANCISCO style companies, such as TUMBLR, FLICKR, DROPPLR, (I think there was one more)… but I thought of the name PLAYR. Nobody was using it in the software space yet. I drew a game controller as the icon for Playr. After drawing this game controller, I thought it looked good, but I decided to drop the casing of the controller for just the four buttons on the right.

At that moment, I declared myself the world’s leading marketing expert and a billionaire. None of this was a conspiracy or planned, but there are many PATTERNS in NATURE.

I claimed all of this and kept it a secret from everyone until I published it on the App Store and declared myself the rightful United States of America owner of PLAYR, the APP DESIGN, the MARKETING TERMS, the MARKETING LOGO, THE APP CONCEPT, MANY DETAILS…

And I wanted to become a “Macintosh Applications Developer” in 1999, and if you or anyone looks at Apple’s stock graph, you might discover that if I had any decent amount money to also invest in their stock, I might have even a billion dollars if I never sold it up to this year.

I became famous as Apple iOS Developer & Entrepreneur when I was only 17, in 2014, and if you look at the graph of the stock, just know, neither I nor my family had any money to invest.