MessageDig for Mac – MessageDig lets you dig through your local files to retrieve all of your iMessages. This app is very useful if you want a hard copy of all of your iMessages for important, record-keeping purposes. You can use this app to extract all your messages into a searchable interface. This app has many features, but it is not available on the Mac App Store. You can purchase MessageDig for an extremely good deal of only $6.99 from my website.

Have you ever wanted to search the endless databases of iMessages on macOS? Maybe someone sent you a password for some account 6 months ago, but search in the Messages app is practically unusable… MessageDig can find it all. Filter results by dates or by the sender/recipient.

I built this because I have 76,000 unsearchable messages, and now they are searchable.

This app automatically accesses and processes the iMessage DB from your local user data. If you have a chat.db file from another computer, you can import this file instead. This program does not make any network requests. Your messages are kept securely where they always have been, and no data is modified.

This app has the app sandbox turned off, so please open by right clicking the icon and clicking open.

To use this app, simply open any chat.db file from macOS iMessage. You can find you chat.db file at the path “~/Library/Messages” Simply open a new window in Finder, press Command+Shift+G, and enter in that path to see the chat.db file. Different versions of macOS have different formatting within the chat.db files. MessageDig can handle many different versions macOS message db files.

There are two additional features besides browsing, sorting, and searching messages. You can make a .csv file containing the name for each phone number or email in your messages. This will then label all of the results in MessageDig with names from your .csv contacts file. Lastly, you can export all of your messages to a .json file. This is a very useful tool to extract iMessages, which are stuck deep in the system’s database, into a portable .json file.

This too can be purchased from my website for $6.99. This app does not use macOS sandbox and is not available on the Mac App Store, so you will have to option-click to open it.