Chris Galzerano

Jan, 2021

I am a 24yr old technology and software enthusiast.

I work on my own company, Playr Inc.

I started writing Objective C and publishing iOS apps in 2011.

Sometimes, I do software consulting on iOS / macOS, and connected technologies.

Feel free to contact me through my website.

I spend most of my time writing software and doing research on the future of technology.

Playr Inc is limited in opportunity due to lack of accessible venture capital funding. However, Playr Inc is not planning on shutting down, and updates are always on a schedule that moves around sometimes.

Dec. 16, 2021:

Somebody is stealing my identity as chris_playr and chrisgalz on Twitter and Instagram. I am not sure who or why. I have not seen any of their content yet. I put a lot of photos online, and people have been using them to imitate me. Please ignore any social media that imitates my Instagram or Twitter in any forms of my company name or personal name.

My social media got stolen because I have been using my accounts without any following or followers for past few years.