I have made many Mac apps for different purposes. Here are some of my most useful ones. Some are available in the Mac App Store, but some are much easier for me to maintain without the review process, so those can only be purchased from my website.

Playr Audibly for Mac – Audibly is an offline music player and wireless surround sound system for Mac and iOS devices. Audibly has an accurate syncing engine, making a crystal clear listening experience. Connect many Mac and iOS devices over WiFi and use them as wireless, surround sound speakers. Audibly has a system to keep the devices’ music in sync. Place all the devices around a large room, turn up the volume, and enjoy the music.

Download on the Mac App Store

FileLink for Mac – FileLink lets you transfer files between other Macs on your network with ease. Just share some folders, and it’s ready to go. Share files between Macs quickly and easily with FileLink. FileLink uses your local network and WiFi Direct to discover other Macs nearby that also have FileLink installed. To get started using FileLink, select some folders on your computer, add a password (optional) to them, and add them to your shared folders list. Other computers using FileLink that connect to your computer will be able to access those shared folders and manage the files within.

Download on the Mac App Store

AssetSizer for Mac – AssetSizer lets you generate .imageset assets for your Xcode projects in seconds! Select an image file, change output parameters if necessary, and export the assets. AssetSizer takes large images and cleanly scales them down into many sizes. Additionally, you can generate the AppIcon.imageset for both iOS and Mac apps. This app used to be for sale for $1.99 on the Mac App Store but is no longer available on there due to me maintaining too many things. It is now available for free from here.

More info and/or download AssetSizer

LocalizeTranslator for Mac – LocalizeTranslator is an app for taking Localizable.strings files and translating them instantly into any language in the correct format for use directly within Xcode! Cut localization costs dramatically, and clearly present your app to the world market! Add New Strings to your existing localizations all at once in all languages. Click the translate button, and watch your Xcode project magically gain all the new strings in every language. This used to be for sale on the Mac App Store for $9.99 but is now available for $19.99 from here. I update this all the time, and it is filled with useful features.

More info and/or download LocalizeTranslator

MultiReplace for Mac – This app is a great utility for taking multiple files to simultaneously find and replace text. Simply select all of your files in the open window. Then type or copy in the text you want to find and replace. Click the replace button, and all of the files will instantly be modified.

More info and/or download MultiReplace

Playr Cinema Server for Mac – Playr Cinema Server is a macOS app to share media to your iOS device running Playr Cinema. You may have many more videos than you can fit on your mobile device. Store a massive library of videos on your Mac using it’s storage and external storage. Select folders in Playr Cinema Server to share to the Cinema iOS app. Cinema Server works by connecting your mobile device and computer over WiFi. Cinema Server can also be configured to be accessible through a wide area network. This app is only for use with Playr Cinema.

More info and/or download Playr Cinema Server

MessageDig for Mac – MessageDig lets you dig through your local files to retrieve all of your iMessages. This app is very useful if you want a hard copy of all of your iMessages for important, record-keeping purposes. You can use this app to extract all your messages into a searchable interface. This app has many features, but it is not available on the Mac App Store. You can purchase MessageDig for an extremely good deal of only $6.99 from my website.

More info and/or download MessageDig

TaxSorter for Mac – TaxSorter is a great tool to do complex sorting of all your financial transactions. Import data from multiple bank accounts, sort through transactions using Analysis Tokens, and export all of your transactions into organized categories. This program used to be available for free on my website a few years ago, but I decided this was a very useful and unique financial assistant, so this app is now for sale for $6.99 because I update it often.

More info and/or download TaxSorter

Unid for Mac – Unid is a very simple app to get the UDID code of an iOS device by plugging it into your computer’s USB port.

More info and/or download Unid

FlyCut Touch for Mac – FlyCut is an open source Mac clipboard manager that goes back many years. I branched this project, and I hooked it up to a piece of code that modifies the buttons on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. There was no program in existence to allow me to put all of the items in my list of clipboard manager items on to my Touch Bar. I made this and it worked perfectly and increased my development speed twice as fast in some situations. All of my different code pieces now show up in my Touch Bar.

More info and/or download FlyCut Touch

iPhone Bezel Chromakey for Mac – There are many situations where a person might want to use an iPhone screen recording in their video or presentation. On an iOS device with the notch in the bezel, the video is a rectangle, but when editing a video with an iPhone X screen recording, you might want to somehow perfectly mask out the bezel. I made this simple app in 15 minutes that cleans out the bezel from a screen recording.

More info and/or download iPhone Bezel Chromakey

FolderMaze for Mac – This is a tiny Mac app I made sometime in 2013. You just type in a password, and it makes a folder maze of thousands of folders, so you would navigate inside the p folder, then the a folder, then the s folder, and so on if you set password as the maze password. This makes it easy to hide secret files without encrypting. Also, there is an option to prevent spotlight indexing.

More info and/or download FolderMaze