TaxSorter for Mac – TaxSorter is a great tool to do complex sorting of all your financial transactions. Import data from multiple bank accounts, sort through transactions using Analysis Tokens, and export all of your transactions into organized categories. This program used to be available for free on my website a few years ago, but I decided this was a very useful and unique financial assistant, so this app is now for sale for $6.99 because I update it often.

This tool helps businesses and individuals organize their bank statements into their tax categories in one click after configuring some settings. Most banks in the world that have an online portal provide the functionality to download statements in the form of a CSV file. TaxSorter takes this CSV file, and the user defines the columns of the data (if viewed in Apple Numbers or MS Excel). From there, the descriptions of the transactions on the statements can be scanned and processed based on user-defined identification tokens.

Minimum System Requirements: macOS 10.12

This app does not use the Mac App Store or Developer ID Sandbox. This means that you will have to right click or option click the open menu item to open it.

This app is available for $6.99 as a download from this website.